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Red and orange gradient orb shade

Reds + Oranges

A striking array of fiery and warm tones

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Yellow and green gradient orb shade

Yellows + Greens

A range of lively and vibrant shades, from sunny yellows to bold greens

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Blue and violet gradient orb shade

Blues + Violets

Captivating blues and enchanting violets

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Pink and purple gradient orb shade

Pinks + Purples

An alluring collection of purple & pink pigments

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Super gloss gradient orb shade

Super Gloss

A must-have for soft, glossy, and frizz-free hair that shines

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Slate grey gradient orb shade

Slate Grey

A sophisticated and modern shade that resembles the cool and muted tones of natural slate rock

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XMONDO’s mission is to inspire confidence through innovative hair care and color.


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