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What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to our customer service team at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Order number
  • Products you would like to return

We accept returns for unopened or lightly used products within 30 days of the original purchase. We do not offer returns for gift cards.  We do not cover shipping costs for returned items or refund original shipping costs. All refunds will be credited to the original form of payment.

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

XMONDO is vegan, cruelty free, and leaping bunny certified. You can find our certification on!

Do your products contain silicones?

Most products contain high-quality silicones, as they offer multiple benefits to the hair by creating a barrier around the strands. This barrier helps to keep the hair hydrated, lock in moisture, provide frizz control, and leave the hair feeling soft and smooth.

Products containing water-soluble silicones (silicones that dissolve with water):

Products without silicones:

Can I get personalized product recommendations?

For personalized product recommendations based on your hair type, check out our hair quiz.

If you have specific questions about our products please check out our product information pages on our website. If you have additional questions please reach out to customer service at

When will products be restocked?

There are a number of different factors that impact product availability. We do not have a specific date for when products will be back in stock. We recommend signing up for restock email alerts on each product page for the product you are looking to purchase. Customer service is not able to provide any further information on when product restocks will occur.

Do you ship to my country

We currently only ship to the United States. We are not able to offer purchase or delivery of our products to any other countries at this time. We are actively working to expand our international shipping zones in the future however we do not have an estimate on when this will occur.

Where can I purchase your products in store?

A select range of products are available for purchase nationwide in the US and Canada at Sally Beauty.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

Please ensure all information is correct before submitting your order. Once your order is submitted, it is sent directly to our warehouse for fulfillment and cannot be changed, modified, or canceled.

What should I do if my package is damaged?

Please reach out to with your name, order number, and the products that were damaged. Please include a photo of the damaged products.

When will I receive my order?

We offer a free shipping option and an expedited shipping option. We typically fulfill orders within 1-2 business days depending on order volume, time the order was received, and the shipping option you selected at checkout. Fulfillment times are longer during holidays and promotions and are not guaranteed. 

Once your order is fulfilled, it is picked up by the shipping carrier and sent according to the shipping method selected at checkout:

  • Free Shipping/Standard Shipping: You can expect to receive your package within 3-10 business days from when your order was fulfilled.
  • Expedited Shipping:  you can expect to receive your package within 2-3 business days from when your order was fulfilled.

Please note, delivery dates are not guaranteed and refunds are not available for late packages.

Where is my order?

Pre-fulfillment: We typically fulfill orders within 1-2 business days depending on order volume and time the order was received. As soon as your order is fulfilled a shipping confirmation email with information on how to track your package will be sent to your email.

Pre-shipment: If your tracking number lists the package as pre-shipment please allow 1-3 business days for it to be scanned by a shipping carrier. If your package is in pre-shipment for longer than 3 business days please contact with your order number and full name.

Lost Package: If your tracking number has not updated in 10 business days please contact with your order number and full name. We do not offer refunds for lost packages.

Order Marked as Delivered But Not Received: Oftentimes shipping carriers prematurely mark shipments as delivered and the package arrives in a day or two. If your package still has not arrived after 5 business days from the date it was marked as delivered, please contact with your order number and full name.

Returned to sender: If your order is returned to sender please contact with your order number and full name.

Do you have a discount for professional cosmetologists?

We do not offer any wholesale options or cosmetologist discounts at this time.

How much does my order cost?

Your order will cost the total of all products, applicable taxes, and shipping fees.

Shipping and handling charges are based on the carrier selected, shipping destination, and weight of the package.


Promo Code Stacking

You can only use one discount/promo code per order, this includes free delivery codes.

Free Shipping Over $75

In order to receive free shipping, your order subtotal must reach $75 after all discounts and prior to taxes and fees. Additionally, your shipping address must be located in the contiguous United States.

Buy 2 Get 1

Two or more products and the promotional product must be added to cart to apply the promotion code to your order. These discounts will be reflected at checkout and cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases. Excludes gift cards and bundles. reserves the right to end or modify promotional prices at any time.

XTRA Rewards Program

How do I redeem my points?

Points are redeemed for rewards which you can spend on our site. You can redeem your points on our payment page during checkout or at any time in the Xtra Rewards widget.

Do my rewards expire?

Your points balance will expire if you have not earned or spent points for a continuous period of 1 year. Customer points will expire each day on a rolling basis if they have not earned or spent points within 1 year of earning. A notification email will be sent 30 days as well as 3 days prior to expiration date as a reminder.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can!

How does the Refer a Friend program work?

Share your unique link with a friend who has not shopped with us before and does not have an account with us. When you refer a friend, they will receive a discount on their first order. You will also receive a discount once your friend makes a purchase. To access your unique URL, once logged in simply open the Xtra Rewards launcher and scroll down to the referral section. You can copy the link, send it by email or share it on Facebook.

How do I get points for following on social media?

Simply log into your account and go to the Xtra Rewards dashboard. Select the tab called "Ways to Earn". Click on any of the social media outlets you wish to follow, login to that platform and follow us!

How do I earn birthday points?

Log into your store account to enter your birthday date in the loyalty panel under the "Ways to Earn" section. Once that's entered, you will be rewarded with points on your next birthday. Note: In case you enter the wrong date, you can click "Edit date" again in the panel to enter the correct one. You won't be rewarded on your birthday this year if you enter a date that is in the next 30 days. You will be rewarded the following year on that date.

Are points refundable?

No. Once points are redeemed, they are non-refundable.

Are rewards stackable? Can they be combined with other offers?

No, only one discount code can be used per order.

XTRA Rewards Terms & Conditions

XMONDO reserves the right to modify or change rewards at any time. XMONDO in its sole discretion, can terminate any member for any reason, including but not limited to any failure to comply with the website Terms & Conditions.

Exclusions: Members earn points only on the purchase price of: (i) qualifying online products. Calculation of points excludes payment by the Member for shipping charges. Points will not be earned on any discounts or other credits offered in connection with a product or service. For example, if a product that is normally $25 is on sale for $20, a Member will only earn points on the purchase price of $20. Purchases of gift cards and any type of price adjustments, including returns, are not eligible for points. All purchases made: (i) by a Member prior to such member joining the Program, (ii) Online without a Member being logged onto the Website, are not eligible for Xtra Rewards credit.

Returns/Order Cancellations: Points earned for a purchase that is then the subject of a return, cancellation, declined credit card or gift card will be deducted from your account in an amount equal to the points earned for the original transaction. Points cannot be reapplied back to your rewards account for any reason on a returned order. If a return/cancellation will cause your account to have a negative point balance, you will not begin earning points again until your points balance is returned to zero (0), by making purchases, or engaging in other promotional activities offered from time to time. Rewards used on an order that is canceled (before the item ships or a label has been printed) may request those rewards be applied back to your rewards account. If your item has begun the shipping process, rewards cannot be reapplied.

Limitations on Points: If you redeem points towards the purchase of a product and pay a portion of the retail price after the point's redemption, you will receive points only on the leftover retail amount you pay, and not on any value attributed to the point you used. If you redeem points towards the purchase of a product in an amount equal to the full price of the product, you will not earn any points. Points cannot be transferred. Points can only be earned or redeemed online. Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash or credit.

Limitations on Rewards: $10 off coupon applies to orders over $25. Rewards cannot be combined. Only one reward at a time may be used per transaction.

Non-purchase Options for Earning Points: You may also earn additional points on non-purchase activities. From time to time, XMONDO may offer you the chance to win various prizes, and earn points, for entering into promotions. For giveaway promotions, there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR TO WIN. Rules and restrictions will apply to such promotions and may be found on the entry information of any promotion."

Shampoo & Conditioner

Can I mix and match shampoos and conditioners?

Of course you can mix and match shampoos and conditioners! We recommend taking a look at the product pages for each shampoo for a summary of the key benefits for each product.

Supernova Blonde Toning Bundle

What is the difference between all of the Supernova Blonde Toning products?

When it comes to toning products, it's a matter of personal preference, but also convenience. Each of the Supernova products serve a different purpose, depending on the maintenance your looking to do: 

  • Supernova Toning Mask is a deep conditioning treatment that also helps to tone hair. It is ideal for dry, damaged hair that needs extra love. The mask is applied to wet hair and left on for 10-15 minutes. It can be used as a weekly treatment or whenever your hair needs extra TLC. The toning benefits of the mask will last for several washes.
  • Supernova Toning Foam is designed to provide instant tone enhancement and style retention all in one. Essentially, it is a styling product mixed with a temporary toner. Supernova Foam was designed to rinse out when shampooing. It provides quick, easy, low-commitment toning benefits.
  • Supernova Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses, hydrates, and tones hair. These are your every-wash go-tos. Supernova Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to be used together, but they can also be used separately. The toning benefits of the shampoo and conditioner will last for several washes.

Ultimately, the best Supernova product for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

How long do the toning properties of Supernova Blonde Toning Leave-in Foam last?

Supernova Foam was designed to rinse out when shampooing. It is a styling product mixed with a temporary toner. If you are looking for longer lasting results we recommend the Supernova Reparative Mask as well as the Supernova Shampoo & Conditioner!

Will Supernova Blonde Toning Leave-in Foam make my hair feel sticky?

Supernova Blonde Toning Leave-in Foam is designed to provide instant tone enhancement and style retention all in one. Due to its style retention properties, using too much foam can cause hair to feel sticky. For best results, we recommend starting with a few pumps on damp hair, focusing on the areas that need the most toning, then comb through. For additional hydration, we recommend pairing it with a leave-in product like Recalibrate leave in cream. We also recommend blow drying your hair, as this will soften the hold and reduce stickiness.

Will Supernova Blonde Toning products over-tone my hair?

Supernova is designed with violet pigments to neutralize unwanted brassy or yellow tones in the hair. There are a number of factors that can cause the hair to be over toned, including starting hair color, porosity, & frequency of use. The good news, you can use a clarifying shampoo to help remove some of the purple pigment that could have built up in the hair. We recommend using these products until you have reached your desired tone, then use weekly for maintenance.

Wavetech™ Wave System

What is the difference between Wavetech™ Wave Foam Extra Hold and the original Wavetech™ Wave Foam?

The key differences between Wavetech™ Wave Foam Extra Hold and the original Wavetech™ Wave Foam lie in their holding strength, the type of hair they are best suited for, and the desired results they provide.

  • Wavetech™ Wave Foam Extra Hold: This product is formulated with a stronger hold, making it most suitable for straight hair, wavy hair, or any hair type seeking extra hold + wave enhancement.

It is great for individuals with hair that tends to fall flat, struggles to hold style and volume, and those with hair that is more prone to frizz. It's especially effective for hair with an inconsistent wave pattern, helping to create more defined waves and hold them in place. It's also well-suited for humid weather, as it provides a higher level of frizz-control.

Overall, it's a good choice for those seeking enhanced definition, longer-lasting waves, and more control over their hairstyle.

  • Original Wavetech™ Wave Foam: This product offers a lighter hold compared to Wavetech™ Extra Hold. It's aimed at people who are looking for a more natural result or those who may already have a more consistent wave pattern in their hair. 

The original Wavetech™ Wave Foam provides a softer, more subtle hold, allowing the hair to move more freely. It's a great choice for those who prefer a more casual or laid-back appearance and those who want to maintain the natural feel of their hair. 

Ultimately, the choice between Wavetech™ Wave Foam Extra Hold and the original Wavetech™ Wave Foam depends on your individual needs and preferences, as well as the specific characteristics of your hair and the look you wish to achieve.

Do you have to use a diffuser with the Wavetech™ Wave System?

Nope! You can either diffuse or air dry your hair after applying Wavetech™ Wave Foam. Diffusing will help to set the waves and give them more volume, while air drying will give you a more natural look.

Recalibrate Bond Repair System

How often can I use the products in the Recalibrate Bond Repair System?

Recalibrate products are formulated for every day/ every-wash use, and with every use you can expect cumulative results. The frequency at which you use these products depends on your hair type and its specific needs.


Will XMONDO Color damage my hair?

XMONDO Colors are deposit only meaning that they simply coat your strands with pigment and will fade with washing. Our colors are free of harsh chemicals, ammonia, and peroxide. They contain bond booster, proteins and oils to help nourish and repair your hair as you color it. Essentially, they are a semi-permanent color combined with a conditioning and rejuvenating hair mask.

How long does XMONDO Color last?

XMONDO Color is semi permanent and does fade with washing. Results will vary between people based on a number of factors such as:

  • Starting hair level: bleached hair retains color longer than unprocessed hair
  • Hair porosity: extremely porous hair may require additional color applications
  • The shampoo you use: make sure to use a sulfate & paraben free, color saving shampoo and conditioner like Polychrome Color Extending Shampoo and Conditioner
  • How often you shampoo: shampooing is the leading cause of color fading, try to extend the time between washes by using dry shampoo
  • Air dry versus blow dry: blow drying your hair after washing will help seal in color molecules
  • Sun/water exposure: the sun and water fade color so try to limit exposure
  • Type of styling products you use: try to avoid high alcohol content products that can cause color fading, such as hairsprays and quick dry products
  • Styling with high temperatures (irons): extremely high heat can cause color fading. Try to keep the heat at a lower temperature and always use a heat protectant
  • Hair health: Another big factor is the starting health of your hair prior to coloring with XMONDO. The more dry or damaged your hair is the more the color will take because of the cuticle being more open than healthy hair.

Due to the several factors listed above we cannot give you a specific time frame on how long your color will last.

What are the best ways to maintain my hair color?

The Power of Prep: Remember - the lighter your hair level, the bolder & brighter the results. Pre-lighten your hair for maximum vibrancy. We also recommend clarifying before coloring to remove excess buildup. Project X Detox Shampoo is designed to provide a deep cleanse to remove buildup and free radicals. This super cleansing formula will leave your hair clean and refreshed.

Customize Your Color: Feeling creative? Try mixing & matching colors to create your dream hue.

Skip Daily Washes: Extend your color's life by skipping frequent washes.

Stay Cool: Avoid using hot water when showering. Cold water keeps the hair cuticles closed and prevents the color from running and fading too soon. 

Keep Your Color Safe: Opt for color-safe shampoos and conditioners. All XMONDO products are color safe but if you want to take it up a notch, try Polychrome Color Extending Shampoo & Conditioner - designed to prolong the life of your color by sealing it in at a molecular level.

UV Protection: Shield your hair from the sun's rays by wearing a hat or using UV-protective products. Sun exposure can cause color to fade faster. Try Viper Smoothing Oil for silky-smooth hair + UV protection.

Avoid Heat Overload: Limit the use of hot tools like curlers or straighteners, as excessive heat can cause color to fade quickly. Don't forget to use heat protection! Forcefield Heat Shield provides heat protection up to 500° F.

Seal & Shine: Try using Super Gloss Intensive Glossing Treatment to assist in sealing in your color, increasing vibrancy, and adding shine to the hair. We recommend waiting at least 3 days after coloring.

Minimize Bleeding: Semi-permanent dyes (like XMONDO Color), especially bright colors, are prone to bleeding. This is because they only coat the outside of the hair shaft, making them more susceptible to washing out and bleeding compared to permanent dyes, which penetrate deeper into the hair. To help minimize bleeding or color transfer, we recommend limiting the time your hair is exposed to water and blow-drying your hair after washing, as this can help set the color and prevent excessive transfer.

Can I use more than one XMONDO Color at once?

Of course! Feel free to be as creative as you want!

Can I leave XMONDO Color on my hair for longer?

XMONDO Color is a conditioning hair treatment that you can leave it on for as long as you would like without causing damage to your hair. If you are going to leave it on for longer than 20 minutes, we would recommend using a processing cap to keep the moisture in your hair and avoid the product drying out.

Will XMONDO Color cover my gray hair?

All gray hair reacts differently to color, causing results to vary from person to person. The cuticle on gray hair can be particularly thick and strong, leading it to be more resistant to semi-permanent color.

However, we can offer a few tips on how to improve the results on gray hair. We would recommend shampooing your hair twice and skipping conditioner, as well as processing the color for longer under a processing cap or plastic bag, which will ensure the color does not dry out. This will provide the maximum amount of pigment on gray hair.

We always recommend doing a test strand to see the results prior to a full application. If you are looking for a more vibrant color with longer lasting results, we recommend pre lightening your hair.

Does XMONDO Color work on virgin hair?

XMONDO Color is a deposit only color. Please review our swatch guides on each color's webpage to see the amount of color that will show up on your natural hair. In order to achieve maximum vibrancy, your hair will need to be blonde or prelightened. Non-lightened, virgin hair often tends to have a compact cuticle. Because semi permanent color only lives on the outside of the cuticle, result may not last as long and may require an additional application for longevity.

Will XMONDO Color lighten your hair?

XMONDO Color will not lighten your hair. It is a deposit only color that does not contain bleach or any lightening agents.

Do XMONDO Colors contain PPD?

XMONDO hair dyes do not have PPD in them.

How long after opening do XMONDO Colors expire?

Once a jar is open, it should be used within 6 months. Jars that are not open have a 12 month span.

Do XMONDO Colors bleed?

Semi-permanent dyes (like XMONDO Color), especially bright colors, are prone to bleeding. This is because they only coat the outside of the hair shaft, making them more susceptible to washing out and bleeding compared to permanent dyes, which penetrate deeper into the hair.

The duration of bleeding varies depending on a variety of factors, such as the intensity of the color, the porosity of your hair, and how often you wash your hair. Typically, some bleeding can be expected for the first few washes after dyeing your hair. After this, the bleeding should lessen, but some minor bleeding might still occur, especially when using vibrant colors.

To help minimize bleeding or color transfer, we recommend limiting the time your hair is exposed to water and blow-drying your hair after washing, as this can help set the color and prevent excessive transfer.

How soon after bleaching can I add an XMONDO Color to my hair?

​​F​eel free to apply XMONDO Color right after bleaching your hair​. XMONDO Colors ​are hydrating and deposit-only. To get the best results, it's important to thoroughly rinse and shampoo out all the bleach, and make sure your hair is completely dry before ​applying XMONDO Color.

Do I need to use foils or heat when processing XMONDO Colors?

XMONDO Color does not require heat to develop and penetrate the hair shaft, as it only coats the outside of the hair strand. Therefore, using a hair dryer with foils when applying XMONDO Color is not necessary. 

However, some people ​may ​choose to use heat to help the color develop faster or more intensely. If you decide to use heat, it’s important to follow the instructions and not exceed the recommended time or temperature. Additionally, be aware that applying heat to the hair can increase the risk of damage, so it’s important to use caution and take steps to protect your hair from excessive heat exposure.

Can I dilute XMONDO Color?

Using conditioner to dilute semi-permanent hair dye is a common technique to achieve a lighter or pastel shade, especially if the original color is too intense. When you mix hair dye with conditioner, it reduces the concentration of the pigment, resulting in a softer, more subtle color. The idea is to create a custom shade that suits your preferences. While we cannot guarantee the results, you are able to dilute the color with Super Gloss or conditioner. 

The benefits of diluting semi-permanent hair dye are:

  • Customization: You can create a variety of shades by adjusting the ratio of dye to conditioner, allowing you to achieve a color that perfectly matches your desired look.
  • Less Commitment: The diluted color may not last as long as the original, more concentrated color. This can be advantageous if you want to try different colors without a long-term commitment.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Color Longevity: Diluting the hair dye with conditioner may lead to a shorter-lasting color. The pigment might not adhere to the hair as effectively, so the color might fade more quickly compared to using the undiluted dye.
  • Patch Test: Before applying the diluted dye to your entire hair, it's a good idea to do a patch test to check how the color turns out on your hair. Everyone's hair is different, so the final result can vary from person to person.
  • Pre-lightening: If you have dark hair and want a noticeable pastel color, you might need to pre-lighten your hair before applying the diluted dye to achieve the desired effect.

Can I use XMONDO Color on permed hair?

XMONDO Color is free of harsh chemicals and safe to use with a perm. We recommend waiting 2 weeks after getting a perm to apply the color.

Is XMONDO Color safe for kids?

XMONDO products are free of harsh chemicals. However, we do recommend consulting with a physician prior to use to make sure this product is right for you. We offer a full list of our ingredients on our website. We also recommend doing a patch and/or strand test prior to application to make sure you do not have any undesirable results.

Is XMONDO Color safe for pregnant women, kids, or other uses?

Although XMONDO Color is free of harsh chemicals, we do recommend consulting with a physician prior to use because everyone has different health histories, sensitivities and allergies. We also recommend doing a patch/strand test prior to full head application to ensure you do not have any reactions/irritation. We offer our full list of ingredients on our website so you can review it with your physician. If irritation should occur, seek medical attention immediately. This product should not be used on eyebrows or eyelashes.

Can XMONDO Color be used on wigs and hair extensions?

XMONDO Color is safe for use on all human hair wigs and extensions. As with any extensions that are attached to your head, we recommend being extra cautious when using conditioning products around the attachments to avoid loosening them.

It's important to note that the structure of the strands in synthetic wigs can vary significantly. Due to the conditioning properties of XMONDO Color combined with the structure of the wig, the pigment may only sit on top of the strands without being fully absorbed. This may cause the color to slide off the synthetic strands when rinsed. To ensure that XMONDO Color achieves your desired results, we recommend conducting some strand testing beforehand.

What are the differences between the Jewel-Tone Colors and other XMONDO Colors?

Amethyst vs. Super Purple: Amethyst is a violet-purple color with more blue based hues while Super Purple contains more red based hues.

Sapphire vs. Super Blue: Sapphire is a deeper shade of blue with more purple based hues compared to Super Blue.

Rhodolite vs. Super Pink: Compared to Super Pink, Rhodolite is a richer shade of pink with more purple based hues.

Amber vs. Super Red: Super Red and Amber are both shades of red. However, the difference between these two colors is that Amber contains warmer undertones.

Garnet vs. Berry: Garnet is more of a purple based red compared to Berry.

Check out our Instagram Reel comparing the Jewel Tones with other XMONDO Colors if you would like a visual reference!: 

Why does Slate Grey look purple in the jar?

The appearance of the color in the jar may not necessarily reflect the final outcome on the hair.  The purple pigment in Slate Grey is designed to counteract the yellow tones in hair, as per the color wheel. When the hair color is applied, the purple pigments help to neutralize any unwanted brassy or yellow tones, resulting in a more natural, cool-toned gray.

It’s important to note that the final outcome on the hair can still be influenced by various factors, such as the starting hair color, hair condition, and application technique. It’s always recommended to follow the instructions and perform a strand test to ensure the desired result.