XMONDO’s Wavetech Collection Expands with NEW Products!

XMONDO’s Wavetech Collection Expands with NEW Products!

Elevating your wave and curl care routine to new heights, we're introducing three groundbreaking products infused with our signature Waveflex Technology™: Wavetech Super-flex Wave Gel, Wavetech Nex-Gen Wave Conditioning Mist, and Wavetech Wave Setting Spray!

At XMONDO Hair, we believe that every wave and curl deserves to be celebrated and empowered. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we've developed these new additions to the Wavetech Collection to enhance, define, and hydrate your waves and curls like never before.


Wavetech Super-flex Wave Gel: Crafted with our exclusive Waveflex Technology™, this gel offers maximum wave enhancement while providing exceptional hold and flexibility. Say goodbye to stiff, crunchy waves and hello to effortlessly styled locks with a natural shine and texture.


Wavetech Nex-Gen Wave Conditioning Mist: Infused with the nourishing benefits of Waveflex Technology™, this conditioning mist detangles, softens, and hydrates your waves and curls for easy styling and protection against heat damage and environmental stressors.


Wavetech Wave Setting Spray: Utilizing the power of Waveflex Technology™, this setting spray locks your waves and curls in place with long-lasting hold, resisting humidity and frizz for a polished, voluminous look without any stiffness or residue.


Embrace your waves. Embrace your curls. Embrace your unique beauty with XMONDO’s Wavetech Wave System Collection!