Fall 2023 Hair Color Trends: 5 Must-Try Hues for the Changing Season

Fall 2023 Hair Color Trends: 5 Must-Try Hues for the Changing Season

As the leaves begin to change colors, why not join in on the seasonal transformation with a stunning hair makeover? From wine-inspired shades to warm seasonal essentials, we've curated a lineup of hottest hues for the 2023 fall season:

Amber Glow:
Cozy Fireside Vibes

Model with Cozy Fireside Hair Vibes

So, you're all about those warm, fireside feels? Amber Color Depositing Mask is like bottling up the essence of a cozy evening by the fire. Wrap your hair in a comforting amber glow, bringing the cozy vibes of autumn wherever you go.

Garnet Glam:
Sip, Sip, Hooray for Wine-Inspired Color

Hair model with Wine-Inspired Color hair

For those who lean towards timeless elegance, this Garnet Color Depositing Mask is a must-try. It's like indulging in a glass of fine wine, but for your hair. Rich, deep, and absolutely sophisticated.

Amethyst Allure:
Royal Purple Perfection

Model with Royal Purple hair Perfection

If you want to feel like the queen of your own castle, this Amethyst Color Depositing Mask is your royal ticket. It's the kind of purple that turns heads and makes you feel like the majestic ruler of your fall kingdom.

Berry Burst:
Juicy, Sweet, and Oh-So-Fall

Model with Berry colored hair

Craving the sweetness of fall berries? This Berry Color Depositing Mask is your go-to. It's a burst of red, pink, and purple, like indulging in the juiciest berries straight from the orchard. Your hair deserves a treat too, right?

Super Red Radiance:
Bold, Bright, and Unapologetic

Brad Mondo with Super Red Radiance hair color

Red for fall? Groundbreaking! But seriously, Super Red Color Depositing Mask is the ultimate classic. An audacious choice for those who want their hair to be as bold and vibrant as the changing fall leaves.